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Custom Branded Merchandise

Merch, swag, team gear, promotional items - whatever you want to call it - there are thousands of premium items to choose from. At Birch Tree, we take pride in finding the best options for your company including items that are high quality, environmentally responsible, and reliable.

Company Stores & Portals

Birch Tree offers a full service offering that will transform the way you work. We’ll get you up and running with premium on-brand merchandise while building a custom company store to service your employees, partners, customers, and channel. 

New Hire, Recruiting Gifts, and Awards

Give back to your staff with personally branded employee gifts. Birch Tree finds and customizes a variety of top-tiered awards to help recognize the importance of your companies employees and to show appreciation for company involvement, engagement, or years of service awards. 

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Canopy of Services

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