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Exceptional Branded Merchandise

A Promotional Products Distributor that puts our client's brand, needs, and goals before our own. At Birch Tree Promotions, we truly care about the service and the products that you receive.

We are honored in the partnerships we've established over the past 16 years, and are excited to work with you to provide beautiful merchandise and customer service that feels like family. 

We value partnership, friendship, and love what we do. 

We aim to be as responsive as possible in our client communication because we respect your time and your brand.

While working with your budget, timelines, and ideas we provide branded merchandise that makes your company stand out.

Birch Tree Promotions, Inc

We are a trusted and experienced Promotional Products Distributor based out of Massachusetts. For the past 16+ years, Birch Tree Promotions has partnered with clients to provide high-quality and hassle-free branded merchandise for a variety of businesses, events, meetings, and more.  

We believe that Corporate Gifts/Branded Merchandise are a valuable way to market your business or event to others. However, cheap decorations or the wrong merchandise can cause more harm than good. By partnering with Birch Tree Promotions, we ensure that your branded merchandise is something that you are proud to gift, award, or even keep for yourself

The partnerships that we have created with our suppliers and decorators make us confident in our ability to provide such great merchandise to our clients. Our suppliers and decorators work with us to ensure the products that we offer match our goals and values, as well as our client's goals and values. We have access to millions of high-quality products that are not available to the public. 

At Birch Tree Promotions, we believe in supporting our clients and partners however possible. We will do anything we can to ensure that your company has beautiful and ethically sourced products for all of your marketing needs. 

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