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Our Story

The decision was made. On the fourth of July weekend, 2006, Katie would launch a promotions company, done her way. Katie was at her family cottage in Friendship, Maine - the dark sky settled in for the night. She looked out the window, and there in the forest were two birch trees glowing in the moonlight. Birch Tree Promotions was born at that moment. Today, Birch Tree’s quaint Newburyport, MA office bustles with creative client conversations, ideation, and orders. 

Our Company

Birch Tree is a women-owned boutique gift company. Every decision is made with your brand in mind. We carefully consider sustainability and impact on our planet. Birch Tree goes above and beyond to earn and retain your trust, because we respect our client and the recipient of the gift.

Birch Tree is a women-owned boutique gift company in quaint Newburyport, MA

Katie Basson, President & Founder

Katie has created a company that truly stands out from the crowd; one that partners with clients to produce meaningful gifts. Her high expectations for client service, and her keen eye in selecting smart products reflective of each client’s brand has attracted nationally known companies. Katie’s warm personality and tireless work ethic have built a company that leaves a lasting impression. She is passionate about her business and her life. Katie holds degrees in English and Psychology, including a Master of Arts from Simmons College.



Connie Wilder, Senior Advisor/Special Events Consultant

Connie brings savvy, shrewd business acumen, public relations and marketing expertise to Birch Tree. She serves as senior advisor to the company, emphasizing long-range planning, client/meeting consultations, and public relations. Connie is also an author - her first book, Above and Beyond Wellfleet: A memoir about welcoming life after loss, recounts how she recovered from the death of her husband. Her second book is underway.


Jeanne Ellen Monkiewicz, Office Manager

Jeanne Ellen ensures that the office runs smoothly by streamlining procedures to make things more efficient. A bright smile and a happy outlook make us all eager to work. Jeanne Ellen is instrumental to Birch Tree’s growth and success.


Molly Hoare, Accounting

Molly is our accounting expert and supplier of all good treats, big and small. Always a kind heart, Molly solves complex issues with extraordinary customer rapport. Molly understands the numbers and enables Birch Tree to run in the green. 


Allissa Carroll, Sales and Marketing Manager

Allissa never takes her eyes off the ball when it comes to client projects (the more detailed, the better), shops, and working to keep every project element on-brand. She has boundless creativity and is instrumental in launching commonsku (new CRM), to ensure that the client workflow is seamless. Allissa has her pups, Winnie and Mabel, by her side in her office, always. She will put her organization skills to the test as she plans her upcoming wedding!



Sebastien Basson, Production Manager

Sebastien has grown up as part of the Birch Tree business and looks forward to using his education and experience to help it grow. He loves being able to follow orders through the process of production, which allows him to communicate with suppliers, decorators, and clients. His philosophy of “every detail counts” helps ensure the highest level of project creativity and success. Sebastien will help guide Birch Tree’s path. 



Maggie Buswick, Production Assistant

As a graduate student in Sustainability Science, Maggie is all about using her time wisely - right in between sales and production. In addition to scoping out environmentally responsible gifts, her ultimate goal is to ensure the highest standard of customer service. She loves how authentic the Birch Tree team is, and she is always ready to jump in to help. Maggie is passionate about her volunteer work with the American Cancer Society and Special Olympics, while fostering youth engagement. 



Ross (Rocinante)

Ross, our fawn colored dachshund/chihuahua mix whose fur is as soft as a chinchilla, was adopted in 2012 from the Northeast Animal Shelter. He was a pup living on the streets of Puerto Rico and he was saved through the Sato Project. Ross is happy to stand guard in the office to announce mail delivery and visitors. 


Nea (Dulcinea)

The birch tree office would not be complete without Nea, a jet-black feist mix, and she does indeed have a feisty disposition at times. She was adopted in 2018 through the Sweet Paws Rescue. She loves attention and frequently knocks our hands off the keyboard in search of a good tummy rub. 

Birch Tree is fortunate to have a design & marketing team of freelancers: 2 graphic designers, an “IT guy”, a web developer, and brand marketing. Together, we serve any of our clients needs. 

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