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Your Online Company Store

Outsourcing a custom branded company store has never been easier.

Birch Tree offers a full service offering that will transform the way you work. We’ll get you up and running with premium on-brand merchandise while building a custom company store to service your employees, partners, customers, and channel. 

“Offering company swag for employee recognition has invigorated our culture”

— Kristina, Head of People

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10 benefits of having an online company store
  1. Reduce costs 

  2. Ensure brand consistency

  3. Support company growth 

  4. Data insights & controlled spend

  5. Professional logistics and shipping

  6. Support from Birch Tree on product selection

  7. Swag builds brand champions 

  8. Centralize company needs

  9. Boosts employee morale (especially remote offices)

  10. Reduce stress on marketing team & save time!

We’ll help you every step of the way
  • BigCommerce secure platform

  • Custom designed store

  • Brand control

  • Inventory level flags for re-order

  • Seamless ordering (pay via department GL codes, department credit cards, etc)

  • Fulfillment with friendly customer service team

  • Shipping services (US & International)

  • Inventory warehousing

  • Employee recognition coupon codes

  • Order tracking & real-time reporting


Your custom storefront is waiting!

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